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Learn more about Synology DiskStation with FAQ & DSM tutorial. Download the latest DSM updates or drop us a mail. At Synology we provide the most complete after-sale service and to give you 100% satisfying user experience Scoprire le informazioni tecniche con i libri bianchi, manuali utente e fogli dati per ulteriori informazioni sui prodotti Synology. Scaricare le patch software più recenti per sfruttare le migliori tecnologie

Synology Customer Support. What may we assist you with? Technical support. Having problem with Synology C2 services? Get help on technical issues and questions here. Get Support Product inquiries. Any feedback? Tell us why. We provide quick and reliable configuration and support for your Synology gear. Our flexible hours and expert knowledge make us the go-to choice for Synology Support for clients around the world Una sola soluzione completa Synology NAS e C2 Backup si associazione per offrire una soluzione di protezione dei dati completa. Dalla consulenza per i servizi, all'assistenza tecnica e alla garanzia sull'hardware, Synology ti affianca in ogni tappa del viaggio verso la protezione dei dati. Protezione conveniente dei dati in clou Hi! Come and join us at Synology Community. A place to answer all your Synology questions. Ask a question or start a discussion now

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  1. Get help with technical issues, apply for Synology Replacement Service (SRS), and have your usage questions answered by our experts
  2. Copyright © 2020 Synology Inc. All rights reserved
  3. Synology is an expert in data and service protection. Starting with private cloud services, we have a long history of providing reliable IT solutions for our customers. Now we are ready to step into the public cloud sector and take data protection to the next level
  4. Synology ★ Blank Login Page After Launching ElephantDrive ★ How to Manually Install ElephantDrive in DSM 6.0+ ★ Will ElephantDrive Be Available on Synology DSM 6.0? Which Synology models does ElephantDrive support? How do I install/enable ElephantDrive on Synology? How do I setup backups of my Synology NAS? QNA
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  6. Guida dell'utente Synology NAS . Basata su DSM 6.1 . 6. Capitolo 1: Introduzione . Organizzazione di video con Video Station . Video Station consente di organizzare la raccolta di film, programmi TV e video domestici in una piattaform
  7. Synology Router Manager. SRM Overview View All Packages. Applications. Safe Access Threat Prevention VPN Plus. Synology Router Manager. Learn more. Products. Network Video Recorder Deep Learning NVR VisualStation Device License Pack. Compatibility. IP Camera I/O Module & IP Speaker. Support. Support.

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r/synology: News, discussion, and community support for Synology devices. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. News, discussion, and community support for Synology devices r/ synology Centralizza l'archiviazione e il backup dei dati, snellisci la collaborazione sui file, ottimizza la gestione dei video e proteggi il deployment di reti sicure per agevolare la gestione dei dati Synology DiskStation DS218, Versatile server NAS a 2 vani per lo storage centralizzato dei file e la transcodifica video 4K H.265 in tempo reale 4,6 su 5 stelle 327 268,13 € 268,13 € 280,38 € 280,38

Synology Router Manager. SRM Overview View All Packages. Applications. Safe Access Threat Prevention VPN Plus. Synology Router Manager. Learn more. Products. Network Video Recorder Deep Learning NVR VisualStation Device License Pack. Product and Support Status. Product Support Status Service Status. Security. Security Synology IT support service is provided by our consultants both on-site and remotely. We consult on more advance configurations. Here's a scratch guide for a variety of random stumbling blocks to setup the Synology along with some well written resource links to get you started or contact us for on-site technical support today Synology NAS and C2 Backup combine to offer a comprehensive data protection solution. From service consulting and technical support to hardware warranty, Synology is with you each step of your data protection journey

I'm not just having a whinge, but I'm really struggling with Synology's support offering so I checked my email history, and see that I used to be able to get support direct from the local office (UK) but that this is now no longer an option which made me double check : The website.. Synology NAS è un server di archiviazione multifunzionale collegato alla rete, con funzione di centro di condivisione dei file all'interno della rete Intranet in uso. Inoltre, essa è progettata in particolare per una varietà di utilizzi, permettendo l'esecuzione delle seguenti attività grazie a Synology DiskStation Manager basato sul web (DSM) • Synology Support We encourage researchers to send sensitive messages such as proof of concept through PGP encryption. Once PSIRT receives security reports from researchers, they will respond immediately to confirm that we have received the . Security CVE Numbering Authority (CNA), , • • • • SYNOLOGY SYNOLOGY

Synology Drive fornisce un accesso completo ai file con un semplice browser web o un'applicazione mobile, fornendo anche funzionalità avanzate di streaming per i computer. Le nostre soluzioni trasformano digitalmente le aziende che si affidano ancora a soluzioni tradizionali. 10GbE Support — — Scheda. Synology Software Troubleshooting Webinar. In this webinar, we will share the basics of software troubleshooting for Synology NAS devices. In order to save your time and effort, we encourage you to perform the basic troubleshooting first before contacting Synology Support

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  1. By default the Video Station on the Synolgy DSM don't support DTS. So, it is not possible to play video files with DTS audio. There are 2 possible solution to solve this problem. I have tested both on my Synolgy 916+ with DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4. They are both working but I suggest to use the first solution. Install the FFmpeg package from the Synology community (reccomended) Go to the.
  2. Synology announces the End-of-Life dates for 31 packages. These packages will reach official End-of-Life Date in two stages. Packages in Category One will reach the End of Software Maintenance on December 25, 2019. The official open source versions of these packages have reached End-of-Life Date
  3. it-support.synology.me - GInntranet Userwebseit
  4. read . NAS.
  5. Synology DSM 7.0 Preview Registration We're excited for what DSM 7.0 will bring to our users, and we look forward to working with all of you to make it the most stable release ever. Happy holidays everyone
  6. 8 *** Connecting to your Synology from the Outside (WAN) In case you check the Use default gateway on remote network you might have problems connecting to your NAS over the Internet. If you want security, you need to have this checked. If you want to access your NAS over the internet, you have to leave this unchecked, but the connection may fail

Discover technical information with whitepapers, user guides, and datasheets to learn more about Synology products. Download the latest software patches to enjoy the best technologies Synology SA3400 is a 12-bay rackmount NAS designed for large and extensive scaling of data storage. Its comprehensive data protection technologies, and flexible support for both SAS and SATA drives • Scale up to 180/96 drives when connected with 7 RX2417sas/RX1217sas Login to the Synology NAS device with your credentials. To launch the app, click o n the application gallery. Enter your NAS device credentials and click Login. Enter the 6-digit code, i f you had set up the 2-step verification with your NAS device Synology Support Coaching bringt sofort den gewünschten Erfolg R Lernen Sie vom Experten, wie die Einstellungen in der Synology von einem Profi durchgeführt werden, ohne dass Sie sich erst stundenlang durch unzureichende Videos oder unverständliche HowTos & Tutorials arbeiten müsse

Below is a step by step guide on how to enable dynamic DNS in your Synology device. Step 1. In your Synology device click Control Panel. Step 2. Locate and click DDNS under Network Services. Step 3. Select No-IP from the drop-down menu showcasing the Service Providers and input your No-IP account information. Service Provider. Re: Synology Support « Reactie #7 Gepost op: 21 november 2017, 14:46:21 » Je moet, als je een afspraak hebt met Synology Support, de aanwijzingen die je gehad moet hebben per mail, goed opvolgen, dan kan er gewoon niets misgaan IP camera Support List. Surveillance Station supports and has integrated over 7600 IP cameras from 130 renowned brands. Supported cameras and video servers are listed in the menu below, and they can be filtered by criteria Synology drive support

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  1. Here you'll find Search Modules for Synology NAS Download Station together with step-by-step installation instructions for your convenience. Feel free to contact us, recommend us and donate as well ;) Boost your Synology NAS device today
  2. Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) allows users to monitor the status of their Synology servers through Network Management Systems SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB To help support coexistence between SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB The SNMP Management Architecture MI
  3. 阅读白皮书、用户手册与产品规格表,深入探索群晖科技产品采用的技术。定期下载近期更新的软件补丁,享受优质的科技.
  4. 제품 문의. 의견이 있으신가요? Synology C2의 어떤 점이 좋은지 알려주시고 Synology C2에 추가했으면 하는 기능을 제안해 주십시오
  5. Адрес электронной почты support@synology.su. Время работы отдела: по будням с 09:00 до 20:00 по МСК. Отдел Сервис-центр в Москве Телефон: +7 (495) 995 3055. Адрес электронной почты solo@synology.su. Время работы
  6. WireGuard support for Synology NAS. This package adds WireGuard support for Synology NAS drives. It provides the WireGuard kernel module and the wg/wg-quick commands. Disclaimer. You use everything here at your own risk. I am not responsible if this breaks your NAS
  7. Technischer Support. Haben Sie ein Problem mit den Synology C2-Diensten? Hier erhalten Sie Hilfe bei technischen Problemen und Fragen. Support anforder

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不知如何选择适合自己的 Synology NAS 吗? 轻松勾选,或填写问卷,我们立即提供你适合的机种 Synology NAS products have been certified for use with Wasabi. The software version tested was Synology version 2.1.8 for HyperBackup and 2.3.7 for CloudSync and 6.2 for DSM. These Synology instructions are relevant and below are some configuration tips for getting Synology to work with Wasabi.. Note that this example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-east-1 storage region **You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and have upgraded to Photo Station 6.6.0 on your Synology NAS to get the complete set of features* Technical Support Terrible. Sit back and relax! Talk about anything here! Forum rules We've moved! Head over to Synology Community (community.synology.com) to meet up with our team and other Synology enthusiasts! Locked. Print view; Search Advanced search

Follow the instructions below to connect your Synology NAS via any of the available protocols to one of HMA's VPN servers - just select the corresponding tab. Synology devices support all 3 major VPN protocols: PPTP; L2TP; OpenVPN This video will guide you through how to reset your Synology NAS via two different methods. Synology Assistant status: https://www.synology.com/knowledgebase..

Synology Drive does not fully support the iOS Files app the way Google Drive and Dropbox do. If the above features were added, I think I would not have much need for any other cloud sync/storage app. rino , 02/19/2020. Good start? Just made the switch away from Dropbox when I saw Synology Drive look more grown up Synology Live Demo. Explore the extensive library of packages to meet your needs. Try it now! DSM. The most intuitive yet powerful NAS operating system. Try it now! Surveillance Station. The intelligent surveillance and video management system that you can count on. Try it now Synology Drive Empowers Remote Work. Companies around the globe have been forced to embrace remote work, whether they are ready or not. The key to making sure working from home productive is having an efficient collaboration and communications system in place

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**You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running the latest Synology Moments 1.2.0 to get the complete set of features** Synology Moments allows you to view photos/videos stored in Synology Drive with an Anrdroid device on the go. All your photos will be displayed in time order and get smartly sorted into topical albums, making it fun and easy refreshing your unique moments in life synology dsm6.0 developer guide. this document contains proprietary technical information which is the property of synology incorporated and shall not be reproduced, copied, or used as the basis for design, manufacturing, or sale of apparatus without written permission of synology incorporated. copyright. synology inc. ® 2016 synology inc DiskStation Manager (DSM) is an intuitive web-based operating system found on every Synology NAS. It's been designed to help you manage and backup your data. DSM offers a various range of applications and services to bring better productivity at work and more entertainment to your home life. Learn more about DSM 6.

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Aktuelles Stellenangebot als IT- Support (m/w/d) in Düsseldorf bei der Firma Synology Gmb It's tied to the device currently (and requires a Synology account) but if you need to move it over in case of replacement just contact support. Yes, Microsoft charges for this and thus why there's a fee

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Synology QuickConnect allows you to access your Synology NAS anytime, anywhere, from any device and browser, without having to set up port forwarding and firewalls. We use cookies to help us optimize our services. Please read our {0}Cookie Policy{1}. OK The synology camera platform allows you to watch the live streams of your Synology Surveillance Station based IP cameras in Home Assistant.. Configuration. To enable your Surveillance Station cameras in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file: # Minimum configuration.yaml entry camera: - platform: synology url: FULL_URL_OF_SYNOLOGY_NAS username: YOUR_USERNAME. The principle of synology drive is fantastic. The ability to be able to sync files to the NAS in a 'Onedrive' like manner, and even with the prospect of on demand access (to save space) is one I relish. I have lots of files on the NAS I would like to access on an adhoc basis, and being able to do this without accessing the SMB share is a godsend

- Added support for skipping files when uploading or moving files to the destination where files with the same names already exist. - Improved the stability of connection when connecting via specific Internet service providers Synology Servers We love Synology servers; big and small, 2 bay or 18 bay - they all have the same easy to use web interface, are easy to back-up and easy to support. For example, a client's Graphic Design Server sent us an email saying it had detected an issue with a disk exhibiting bad data blocks synology-8.4.1: DSM 6.1+ 2020-03-05 Download ( spk, 515 MB ) synology-8.4: DSM 6.1+ 2020-01-14 Download ( spk, 514 MB ) Inizio; Indietro; 1; 2; 3; Avanti; Fine; Iscriviti alla nostra newsletter per ricevere le novità. Sottoscrivi. Honeypot. *You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running DSM 5.2 and Video Station 1.5 on your Synology NAS to get the complete list of features* Use DS video to stream your video collection on your DiskStation to your Android device. Browsing is made easy as your videos are sorted in different libraries, and each movies has its information retrieved online automatically Combine NAKIVO Backup & Replication with a Synology NAS to create a versatile all-in-one backup appliance to protect your VMware and Hyper-V VMs and your physical servers. Sales +44 207 097 1535 Support +44 207 193 123

Own a Synology NAS to start chatting with your colleagues. Synology Chat is a web-based application that allows you to create a safe and secure place where conversations can be held in real-time. Collaborate from anywhere using your mobile devices, whether you are at home or out of the office. Receive push notifications whenever there's a new incoming message or mention, ensuring you never. Synology® servers feature hot-swappable hard drive support that ensures easy maintenance and continuous service uptime should a hard drive need replacement. Synology® Servers can initially be installed with only necessary storage for your needs (keeping costs low), and can easily be expanded should your needs increase Synology has announced the availability of the Synology DiskStation DS220+, DS420+ and DS920+, the latter two which feature M.2 2280 NVMe slots for SSD Cache. The new DS+ solutions all support Synology Active Backup for Business for Windows-based PCs and servers, VM (on Hyper-V or VMware environments)

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Separate installers are available for ARM and Intel 64-bit Synology devices. Before installing the Synology Backup App on your NAS device, ensure the installation pre-requisites are met. To install, Login to your Synology NAS device as 'admin' or as member of administrator group **You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running the latest Audio Station 6.0.0 package to get the complete set of features** DS audio allows you to stream music stored on your DiskStation with your Android device wherever an Internet connection is available. Better yet, with the offline mode you can listen to songs stored in the device's local memory for when no network. I just got Windows 10 Pro 1809 Build 17763.503 working on my Synology NAS. What worked for me was: On the Synology NAS: Turning on \Control Panel\File Services\Advanced Tab\WS-Discovery CHECKIT! On my Win10 Pro computer: 1. Opening command window (DOS Prompt) and typing in the DOS syntax to mount a network drive

See our NAS device support articles for more information. 2. NAS Device: Software Transcoding: Hardware - Accelerated Transcoding: 3. PassMark CPU Benchmarks (Plex Pass and 64-bit version required) 4. Manufacturer: Model: CPU Model: SD 480p / 576p: HD 720p: HD 1080p: 4K SDR 2160p: 4K UHD HDR 2160p: SD 480p / 576p: HD 720p: HD 1080p: H.264. HOW TO INSTALL SYNC Follow these steps to install and update Resilio Sync on a Synology NAS. If you have BitTorrent Sync (v 2.3.x) installed, settings and folders will be moved to Resilio Sync. Imp.. PureVPN Support Center provides user guides, customer support assistance & helpful video tutorials to setup PureVPN & its Add-Ons on various devices

Synology's own Video Station and DS Video app allow the drives to sleep, but I've not found their software to be as slick as Plex. I have a Sony XBR49X900F TV, and DS Video slightly pixilates everything I play, as if showing it at a lower resolution (I will contact Synology support about that) On the Synology thread the common questions are about administration. Typing up some Synology specific admin info is kind of my next plan. I've started a bit, but it's pretty bare bones. I recently converted my Spigot install to Paper and added it to the repository. It's performing much better on my limited resource Synology I asked to Synology support directly, and the answer has been: I will submit a request to add this functionality to our systems to developers. I can't currently give a timeline for its inclusion, but you can sign up here to be notified of updates automatically by email:.

This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them NETGEAR Support. Port Aggregation with Synology NAS on your Nighthawk router. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Ethernet aggregation lets you combine two Gigabit Ethernet ports to improve the aggregated file transfer speed. Note that Ethernet port aggregation is also referred to as link aggregation, teaming port, and. File Sharing. BitTorrent. NewPct Download Station Synology

télécharger synology assisstant Gratis download software a UpdateStar - Synology Assistant è un programma di utilità desktop che cerca di Synology DiskStations nella rete locale. Esso consente di configurare e installare DSM sulla DiskStation, connettersi alla rete o multi-funzionale stampanti condivise da Synology does support DDNS and does provide few domains to choose from and the setup is very simple. The reason why you need this is because you would like to access the NAS via the web such as photo, FTP, surveillance, cloud station, etc Read Help.synology.com news digest here: view the latest Help Synology articles and content updates right away or get to their most visited pages.Help.synology.com is not yet rated by Alexa and its traffic estimate is unavailable Support Articles How to add Plex's package signing public key to Synology NAS Package Center. How to add Plex's package signing public key to Synology NAS Package Center. Why Do I Get An Error? As of the Plex Media Server releases we have started to sign our packages so users know that they originate from Plex, Inc

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